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The West Virginia Hospital Finance Authority was established by the Act in 1984 as a body corporate and a governmental instrumentality of the State. The Authority commenced operations in 1985. The Authority is authorized by the Act to provide hospitals with appropriate means to maintain, expand, enlarge and establish health care, hospital and other related facilities and to provide hospitals with the ability to finance or refinance indebtedness pursuant to a hospital loan program as provided in the Act. The Authority’s offices are located currently at One Players Club Drive, Charleston, West Virginia 25311, and its telephone number is (304) 558-0549.

The Authority is controlled, managed and operated by the West Virginia Hospital Finance Board (the “Board”). The Board is composed of seven members, including two ex-officio members, the Secretary of the State Department of Health and Human Resources and the Treasurer of the State. The remaining five members of the Board are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate and serve terms of six years. Appointed Board members may be reappointed to serve additional terms. No more than three of the appointed Board members may, at any time, belong to the same political party. The Board annually elects one of its appointed members as Chairman and another as Vice Chairman and appoints a Secretary-Treasurer who need not be a member of the Board.

Appointed Members Occupation Term Expires
James R. Christie, Chairman Attorney January 9, 2008*
Jack H. Harley, Vice Chairman Retired January 9, 2007*
J. Gordon Roop Insurance Agent January 9, 2012
Geraldine Roberts Attorney January 9, 2005*
David L. Williams Registered Investment Advisor January 9, 2009*
*Serves until successor appointed.

Ex Officio Members
Michael J. Lewis, M.D., Ph.D. Secretary, West Virginia Department
of Health and Human Resources
(represented by Tara L. Buckner)
Honorable Riley Moore West Virginia State Treasurer
(represented by Joellen Lucas)

Sarah Hamrick Elected by Board


The sole mission of the Authority is to lower health care cost for the consumer by providing hospitals within the state with  appropriate means at  reasonable cost  to purchase hospital related equipment, to   refinance indebtedness  and to acquire  and construct   hospitals and hospital related facilities.

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